Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 6: Winter 2015


Welcome to winter. I’ve heard predictions that it’s going to be a snowy one. How many of you are thrilled with that idea? Who grumbles, “If I’d wanted the white stuff, I never would have moved here from (fill in the blank Northern area).” But, here’s the thing, you folks who don’t jump up and down when you see the first flake fall: Outer Banks snows, generally, last a day or two at the most, right? No shoveling of driveways, no mountains of dirty frozen stuff on the side of roads. Admit it — our snowfalls are just pretty. And, another thing. Spring often comes early here, followed by those blazing hot days of summer when you wish for…dare I say…snow! Well, at least, cold. As for this woman, I’m scanning the skies for any signs of laden gray clouds.

What are your off-season plans? Are you spending January in the islands somewhere? Catching up on long-needed sleep? Or, are you just appreciating having more time to run your business and plan for the season to quickly come?

Whatever you’re doing, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Keep your eyes on the sky!


Creating a Culture of Community...For All!

By Amelia Boldaji
Tis the season for New Year resolutions, and for lots of us that means taking stock of our habits and deciding which ones we’d like to change. It’s not surprising then that it’s also a season when many of us are thinking about ways to become more healthy and, well, active.  At the Outer Banks Family YMCA, these are... Read More

Soundfront Luxury, Island Style

By Amelia Boldaji
You could make the argument that everything’s about location — and on the Outer Banks we pretty much hit the jackpot on that. Of course we all have our favorite spots, and for many of us the charms of Roanoke Island top the list. Just consider that moment when you crest the Washington Baum Bridge headed toward the... Read More

Written in Wood

By Beth P. Storie
The story of a place like Whalehead has been written in words and images through the years. But these forms of history are, by nature, subjective as they are given to us through the eyes and thoughts of the beholders. Not so the story written in wood, glass and copper. That’s a story that is substantial, unchangeable... Read More

Histories of the Deep

By Beth P. Storie
Volumes of history are written under the waters that surround the Outer Banks, but none of it was written on purpose. Most all of it was borne of a tragedy in the form of a shipwreck. When most of us think of shipwrecks, here in the Graveyard of the Atlantic where so many ships have gone down, we imagine an ocean... Read More