Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 12: Fall/Winter 2016/17


Outer Banks This Week - Summer 2016 - Issue 11

Summer lovers! I know! You’re raging against the dying of the heat, the carefree days, the shortening of the light that lasts for more than half the 24-hour period. I hear you – the gnashing of teeth, the scrape of fingernails on surfboards! You’re beginning your part of the year that you have to just tolerate, and I honestly can send out a bit of compassion for you.

But – hot diggity!! – It’s fall! Then it’s winter! And I am at the threshold of everything I like about a year. Waves of happiness … bonfires … sweaters … the absolute best holidays. Soon, the clocks will fall back and the time of twilight begins. For many, fall is an invitation to slow down a bit, and what’s not to like about that?

But don’t worry, Summer Babes: Hot fun in the summertime will return. And until then, I’m going to sit and watch the autumn leaves drift by my window.

Luckily, the Outer Banks tends to fill in these colder months with some high-intensity fun events, and you can mark your calendars from our listing of them at the back of this issue so you don’t miss a thing! But, before you get to that part of the magazine, I know you’ll learn some new aspects of local businesses by reading the articles that make up this fall’s publication. We all know this, but I am struck each time we do an issue with how great the people are who own or run our local shops, restaurants and businesses. You’re kind, polite and enthusiast – exactly what the world needs now.

Enjoy this quieter time of the Outer Banks year.


Coming Home Again

By Beth P. Storie
For several fall editions now, I’ve chosen to focus on autumn-ish things for the feature story — ghosts, haunted places, things that go bump in the night. Those are fun things to write about because there’s so much of it around here! (And, as some of you long-term readers will probably know, I adore this time of year... Read More

What Nightmares are in Store for American Horror Story on Roanoke Island

By Katrina Mae Leuzinger
To say that Executive Producer Ryan Murphy has been keeping American Horror Story fans in suspense about the new season’s theme would be putting it mildly. The anthology-style FX show breaks the television mold by telling a completely new story each year, with the returning actors playing brand new characters. The... Read More

Independent Bookstores for Independent People

By Heather Frese
Indie bookstores are enjoying a resurgence, and nowhere is this more evident than on the Outer Banks. You may have heard that brick-and-mortar (or, more appropriately for the Outer Banks, shipwreck-timber-and-nail) bookstores are a dying breed. Who reads books anymore, right? But it turns out the answer is — lots of... Read More

Berkley Manor Reborn

By Beth P. Storie
Sam Jones, the quirky but beloved man who built Berkley Manor in the early 1950s, used to advise his guests that the mansion was, “A place of contentment and rest where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great.” This handsome structure has been a central location of the island’s events and celebrations over the... Read More

When Good Things Happen to Good Businesses

By Heather Frese
For nearly 50 years the rental, sales and property management firm of Joe Lamb Jr. and Associates has built its reputation on core values of trust, loyalty and dedication to community. Civic service is key to this company and its founders, Joe and Ann Lamb. From serving in local government to establishing and... Read More