Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 13: Spring 2017


Outer Banks This Week - Summer 2016 - Issue 11

Hello Spring.

I think there’s a seasonal conspiracy. 
All winter long I’ve patiently built fires in my living room fireplace and put on cozy sweaters and long pants. Heck, I even put boots on one day. I just knew these actions would bring on the cold, blustery winter weather.

But I was fooled. 

It was spring all along. January might have teased us for a few days. February was mostly just silly in its imitation of what is supposed to be cold and bitter. And now, as I write this in March, it’s a complete joke! It’s in the 70s … in “winter”! (The quotes tell you this is an ironic usage, not a nickname.) Daffodils are blooming, my pear tree will be fully flowered by this weekend and I even had to mow my grass last weekend. But, hey, we still have almost three weeks until the Spring Equinox. Maybe we’ll have two feet of snow between then and now.

So, I can’t honestly say, “Welcome to spring!” with a straight face. Maybe it’s just as well. Most of you love spring better than winter anyway, right? I’ll just sit here and smile at you all.

It’s clear to me that a lot of good has come out of this long, warm winter, though. So many Outer Banks businesses are On Their Game already: new names (read the Lost Colony Brewery article), new product lines (check out the Ocean Atlantic Rentals piece), new ways to take you on tours (read Preserving the Magic). All the people who are a part of the businesses we feature this issue are getting ready for a fantastic spring and for the locals and visitors who come out of hiding after hibernating through the famous blizzards of 2017.

Kidding aside — which, you can tell, is hard for me on this weather subject — our Outer Banks businesses are sprucing, shining and getting excited about the coming of the crowds and warmth. From Corolla to Ocracoke, you should stop in and say hello to every one of these folks who grace our pages this time. They’ll be glad to see you! 

Come Sit on our Front Porch; Let Me Tell You of the Dreams We Keep

By Beth P. Storie
It’s fitting to title an article about how the waterfront town of Manteo was remade with a quote from Andy Griffith, “Come sit on our front porch; let me tell you of the dreams we keep.” On the floor of the legislature in the early 1980s, as the narrator of a slideshow of that name showing how transformation could... Read More

Eat, Shop, Sleep Ocracoke

By Heather Frese
There’s no end of wonders to the island of Ocracoke. From Blackbeard to wild ponies to miles and miles of some of the most pristine beaches on the East Coast, this little island has it all. But when you’re on vacation, sometimes you want to boil it down to the basics. Eat, play, sleep. Repeat. So come along as we take... Read More

Why Wait for the Town of Duck?

By Katrina Mae Leuzinger
What do you love about summer? The feel of warm sand between your toes? The cool breeze filled with the smell of salt from the ocean? How about a tropical drink sipped while watching the sun set over the water or perusing a quaint local shop on the boardwalk in search of the perfect vacation keepsake? Well, why wait... Read More

A Welcoming Vibe: Hatteras Island Boardsports

By Heather Frese
If you’re new to surfing, the atmosphere at Hatteras Island Boardsports will make you feel at home with the sport. Owner Kevin Scalia and his team are eager to share their love of watersports with newbies and experienced folks alike. The shop features watersports gear, rentals and accessories as well as popular... Read More

Vacationing Made Easy

By Hannah Lee Leidy
Whether you’re looking for an isolated cottage for a weekend escape with your sweetie or an oceanfront palace to house and entertain the entire family for a week, there are different qualities you look for when choosing a vacation rental. But how do you hone in on the best one for you? With Shoreline OBX, the emphasis... Read More