Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 16: Spring 2018

Little Darlings,

The Beatles foresaw the Outer Banks winter of 2018. They presaged the snow, the temps in the teensy tinesy numbers, the wind, maybe even the flu outbreak. They saw it all, but who’s surprised by that? Through the magical mystery tour of their musical genius, they also told us how to get through it . . . with a little help from our friends, we came together and walked those long and winding (snowy) roads, through those hard day’s nights, in spite of all the danger, right into the springtime’s strawberry fields. And now, by following the sun, I’ve got a feeling we’ll forget to remember to forget that long cold lonely winter. (If you’re scratching your head over the last two sentences, you’re just too young to be a true Beatles’ fan. Oh, well. I’ll simply let it be.)

Welcome to spring, y’all. One can make an argument that spring seems springier after the winter we’ve just experienced. The flowers are just that much sweeter, the warm wind that much nicer. And, after significant weeks being shut-ins, the re-emergence of so many of our local businesses is even more exciting than usual. Yeah! Lots of choices for dining out and shopping and doing! We locals – and all of you visitors – are thrilled to see all the open signs! There are wild horses to go see, restaurants to visit, fishing trips to take, races to run, nightlife to slay, trips to enjoy to Edenton, shops to explore – all of which you can read about in the articles in this, our 16th issue of OuterBanksThisWeek.com magazine.
We welcome you readers with the same warmth as we welcome back the sun.



A New Adventure Every Day

By Heather Frese
My every day world probably looks a lot like yours: sit in traffic; work; peel the kids away from the iPad; shop for groceries; clean the kitchen; work; peel the kids away from the iPad again. It’s a different universe for Phideaux Fishing owner Jamie Reibel, whose daily life, year round, takes place on the open water... Read More

Sunshine in Your Bucket

By Beth P. Storie
The day begins with the rising of that amazing orange globe for those who are up that early. On a day like this – one that will include a first-time-ever experience, even the teenage kids are up and ready to go. Where? On a half-day fishing trip on board the Miss Oregon Inlet head boat. You know, those of us who live... Read More

Crafts Aren't the Only Treasures Here

By Heather Frese
Ocracoke Island has a history as deep as the waters of the Atlantic. Legends of swashbuckling pirates, flaming ships, buried treasure, haunted houses and more abound on Ocracoke, and for Amy Howard, manager of Village Craftsmen craft gallery, these stories are more than legends; they’re family history. Six great-... Read More

Internationally Inspired: Open Water Grill

By Heather Frese
In its seven years on Hatteras Island, Open Water Grill has made a name for itself for serving inventive food with some of the most spectacular waterfront views on the island. A closer look at the process their chefs and managers use for menu development reveals a depth of passion, innovation and respect for their... Read More

A Dream Come True

By Molly Harrison
Walking up to the Granville Queen Inn in downtown Edenton for the first time might feel a bit intimidating. The stately Neo-Classical Revival home complete with two-story portico, paired Tuscan columns and wraparound porch suggests a grandiosity and magnificence not often found in this part of northeastern North... Read More