Outer Banks Articles & Shorts - Issue 2: Winter 2014

Welcome to the Winter Edition of OuterBanksThisWeek.com magazine. It's filled with engaging stories on some local businesses so you get to know them better and information on all the fun, don't miss events (plenty of them, even in this quietest of Outer Banks seasons). And, as in our premiere edition, we wax poetic about the many things we love about this time of year in our beloved island home. Want to be a part of the next magazine, whether by letting us know some things you love about Spring or as one of our featured stories? Just email us at magazine@outerbanksthisweek.com and we'll make sure your story is told.


The Next Great Read

By Lauren Whitfield
Quaint houses and locally owned businesses dot the roadside of Highway 12 in the village of Buxton. Just around a bend sits a Civil War era cottage that has housed Buxton Village Books for the last 30 years. While independent businesses in America fight to keep their doors open, owner Gee Gee says the book business is... Read More

Mr. Knight's Wild Night

By Lauren Whitfield
Edward Collings Knight, Jr., brought his new bride to Corolla in 1922 to build Corolla Island, a coastal estate that was to be their winter home. Some letters and artifacts remain today to illuminate the Knight's life in Corolla; however, it is the house itself that tells a compelling story of the industrialists and... Read More


By Laura Martier
Rachel Moser's passion for weddings began at a young age when she would stage mock ceremonies with all of the children in her neighborhood. She always knew that it was only a matter of time before she would make her childhood dream come true. The dream began to take shape when she found herself a bride-to-be planning... Read More

Winter's Welcome...

By Beth P. Storie
Just because the skies have turned gray, the water frigid and the winds blustery doesn't mean that we batten the hatches and take shelter until warm weather returns. Winter offers us many opportunities for renewal and discovery.BIRDWATCHINGThe fall migration is long gone. Even the gulls are scarce on the beach as... Read More

Outer Banks Firsts

By Cyndy Holda
It's the beginning of 2014...the first part of the year. So, we've been thinking of all the Firsts that have happened here on the Outer Banks. Sure, you know some of the obvious ones that have been written about for decades - the Wright brothers' first flight, the first English child born in the New World, the first... Read More